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  • 20mm Hubcentric Spacer for BMW 72.56 Center Bore - Set of 2

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The vast majority of products available at Fast Wheel Accessories are returnable, provided they are returned with all original packaging, paperwork and parts in new and unused condition.

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1. Contact an Fast Wheel Accessories Customer Care Specialist at (866) 994-6887.

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Certain products require a 15% restocking fee. These items qualify for a refund, less the restocking fee and any return shipping costs, when returned with all original packaging, paperwork and parts in new and unused condition.

Accessories may issue a refund in good faith prior to receiving the returned item. We reserve the right to rescind such refunds if the item fails inspection upon arrival.

Fast Wheel Accessories will not compensate for damages incurred during product installation or use, nor reimburse labor charges or installation fees, under any circumstances.

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20mm Hubcentric Spacer for BMW 72.56 Center Bore - Set of 2

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Product Description

Giving your car that perfect stance isn’t just a style, it’s also can improve funcion, as it can improve your vehicles handling. Nearly a century of motorsports has taught drivers and engineers alike that a wider stance is a faster stance. On the streets, enthusiasts have pushed the limits of wheel fitment, creating some of the lowest & widest grocery-getters imaginable. Behind the wheels, precision wheel spacers provide the extension needed to achieve the look and improve performance. Whether you’re fine tuning the perfect stance or trying to shave a 10th off the corners, our wheel spacers are ready for action.


  • These spacers offer a 5x120 Bolt Pattern, they are both wheel and hubcentric for the BMW center bore of 72.56 vehicles and wheels. 
  • They are 20mm thick
  • Extended lug bolts are required to use all wheel spacers. Extended lug bolts are available separately.
  • Wheel spacers cannot be returned after installation - even a test fit. NO exceptions.




Please Read BEFORE Purchasing

Your satisfaction is important, please be sure to read this technical guide top-to-bottom before making a purchase.

Will your wheel spacers fit my car?

Fast Wheel Accessories currently produces wheel spacers to fit popular BMW models being driven on the road today. Some models may be excluded, and some have specific fitment requirements.

Next, let’s talk about spacer thickness. Stance is not a competition, and there are limits. Suspension height, wheel offset, and tire size are going to determine how thick you can go. Before buying wheel spacers, install and adjust the suspension, wheels and tires you intend to use with your spacers. Park your car on level ground, straighten the wheels, and use a metric ruler to measure the distance between the outside of your tire and the inside of the fender. Unless you plan to modify your fenders, this distance defines the thickness of spacer you can fit. Reduce thickness by a few MMs to allow proper clearance

Some of the older BMW's on the road have a 74.1 center bore. Our spacers are machined to fit 72.56 center bores. As demand increases we will machine spacers to specifically fit these newer models.

Do I Have To Use Extended Lug Bolts?

YES! Even if you’re using 5mm spacers. Factory lug bolts are sized to allow full threads to engage across the entire width of the vehicle hub. Reducing the amount of threads engaged in the hub not only reduces the effective torque of the lug bolt, it’s just plain dangerous. Extended lug bolts are cheap, don’t risk it.

What Size Extended Lug Bolts Do I Need?

27mm OEM Lug Length(usual) + Spacer Thickness = Extended Lug Length

Round UP to the closest available lug bolt.

Beware of wheels that break this rule! Some aftermarket wheels and other OEM wheels have a thicker backpad and require lug bolts that are 5-10mm longer to fit the OEM hub. If you had to change your lugs to install the wheels currently on your car, your new lugs may be longer. Before ordering, please measure your lugs to be sure.

Remove one lug bolt and grab your metric ruler. Measure the length of the threaded body from the bottom of the seat to the end of the bolt. Substitute this length for the OEM length in the equation above to find the extended lug length specific to your wheels.

Extended Lug Bolt Torque Specs

Torque extended lug bolts to 85 lb/ft in a star pattern using an accurate torque wrench. NEVER use an electric or air powered impact gun to tighten lug bolts. NEVER apply grease, lubricant, or anti-size to the threads of a lug bolt or hub. Doing so will drastically alter torque readings.

Ball Seat vs. Cone Seat

Ball seat lug bolts are commonly used with OEM wheels. The mating surface of the lug has been machined to a round shape that specifically fits OEM wheels. Some aftermarket wheels use ball seat lug bolts.

Also known as taper seat, cone seat lug bolts are commonly used with aftermarket wheels. The mating surface of the lug bolt has been machined to a 60° angle that universally fits nearly all aftermarket wheels.

Before ordering, compare the diagram above to the lug bolts that currently fit your wheels. When closely examined, it should be rather obvious what type of lug bolt fits your wheel. Don’t guess! Mixing and matching lug type is not safe and will destroy your wheels.

What Does Hubcentric Mean?

Hubcentric wheel spacers are machined to fit tight around the factory hub. This fitment keeps the spacer spinning concentric to the center of the axle, eliminating the chance of vibrations caused by the spacer.

What Does Wheel & Hubcentric Mean?

Wheel & Hubcentric spacers are machined to fit tight around the factory hub while simultaneously extending the hub. This extension allows your wheel to fit tight around the hub like OEM, keeping everything that spins in perfect balance.

What’s the difference?

Both types of wheel spacer are designed to eliminate the chance of wheel vibrations. Universal slotted spacers typically have an oversized center bore. When installed, these spacers are naturally off-center and cause vibrations. Hubcentric spacers are machined to tightly fit the OEM hub, eliminating any chance of vibrations caused by the spacer spinning off-center.

When installing the wheels, care must be taken to center the wheel and evenly tighten the lug bolts. As the thickness of the hubcentric spacer increases, the length of the hub decreases. The hub is critical to a properly centered wheel, so care must be taken to avoid wheel vibrations when installing thick hubcentric spacers.

Wheel and Hubcentric spacers fix the centering flaws of thicker hubcentric spacers by extending the OEM hub. This extension is concentric with the center of the axle. When installed, the wheel can be mounted without the chance of vibrations caused by the spacer or the wheel. This extension can only be machined into spacers that meet or exceed in thickness the length of the OEM hub.


Last But Not Least

Once removed from the packing, wheel spacers CANNOT be returned. No exceptions. We’ve provided as much technical information as possible to help you choose the right spacer for your vehicle, but there’s no way we can guarantee this advice. Let’s be realistic for a second. Everyone’s setup differs greatly. Ride height, wheel offset, tire size, existing body work… there’s no way that we could know 100% that a 8mm spacer will fit but a 10mm spacer will cause the tires to rub. Once a spacer has been installed it’s covered in scratches and rust marks. If we allowed spacers to be returned, your next order may contain a set of once-used spacers. No good. The same applies to extended lug bolts – NO returns if threaded into a hub. If in doubt, contact us. We can help you decide what will fit. If we can’t help, we have a few experts on board ready to help. In the end, it’s up to you to take final measurements and decide.