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Hub Rings

Fast Wheel Accessories premium Hub Centric Rings are carefully molded with a high quality polycarbonate material that increases resistance to high temperatures and durability against impacts.  They are used to bridge the gap from most aftermarket wheel's center bore to the hub of your vehicle.  This will eliminate vibration you may get from aftermarket wheels and make for a safer, smoother, and more enjoyable ride.



  • Condition- New
  • Material- Polycarbonate 
  • Outer Diameter "Wheel"
  • Inner Diameter "Vehicle"


Why Fast Wheel Accessories Polycarbonate Hub Rings?

  • Polycarbonate construction (increases resistance to high temperatures and durability against impacts).
  • Corrects wheel and hub dimensions.
  • Centers the wheel on a vehicles hub.
  • Prevents wheel vibration.


*Fitment verification checklist

  • Verify your wheels hub bore in Millimeters (MM). The wheels hub bore will be the outside diameter (OD) of the hub ring.
  • Verify your vehicles hub size in Millimeters (MM). The vehicles hub size will be the inside diameter (ID) of the hub ring.


Fast Wheel Accessories offers free shipping on Hub Centric Rings.



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